Song history

Fri 29 Sep 2023
Played at Artist Title Album
19:51 Opeth Face Of Melinda Still Life
19:41 AVKRVST Anodyne (New) The Approbation
19:37 Slavior Altar Slavior
19:29 VANDEN PLAS VISION 7even THE KING AND THE CHILDREN OF LOST WORLD Chronicles of the Immortals - Netherworld
19:24 Tilt Gravity Million Dollar Wound
19:19 Downes Braide Association Clear Light (New)
19:15 Kansas Opus Insert Leftoverture
19:07 Lisa LaRue Recurring Dream Origins
19:01 Centric Jones Boomer The Anitkythera Method
18:54 Supertramp Rudy Crime Of The Century
18:50 Poh Hock and Robert Edens Fragile Space (New) Fragile Space
18:43 Dream Theater Fall into the Light Distance Over Time
18:36 Jack Yello Faces To Faces - Part III Xeric
18:32 Pink Floyd Young Lust The Wall Disc 1
18:27 Unitopia More Than A Dream More Than A Dream: The Dream Complete
18:21 The Fierce And The Dead Shake The Jar (New)
18:16 Genesis Deep In The Motherlode ...And Then There Were Three...
18:09 Flying Colors More Third Degree
18:03 Sunchild The Invisible Line - part 1 The Invisible Line
17:35 Transatlantic The Final Medley (Live in Paris 2022) The Final Flight: Live At L'Olympia
17:30 Loving The Sun Taking Me Down The Path Of Love
17:24 Galahad Dust Seas Of Change
17:20 Cryptic Vision Singularity Of Infinite Possibilities
17:16 Lonely Robot The Island of Misfit Toys
17:08 Van Der Graaf Generator Killer H To The
17:04 The David Rhodes Band Time The David Rhodes Band
16:59 Ruphus New Born Day New Born Day
16:53 U.K. Rendez vous Night after night
16:47 Redemption The Emotional Depiction of Light (New) I Am The Storm
16:43 BLACKFIELD How Was Your Ride V
16:32 D-Project The Red Mountain Sagarmatha Dilemma
16:26 IQ No Love Lost Nomzamo
16:22 Gran Torino Fate of a Thousand Worlds Sconosciuto
16:11 Steven Wilson Impossible Tightrope (New) Impossible Tightrop
16:06 Asia Heat Of The Moment Live In Moscow
15:58 Special providence Soul Alert Soul Alert
15:52 Brother Ape New Shangri-La Shangri-La
15:49 Derek Sherinian Aurora Australis (Live 2022) (New) Derek Sherinian
15:43 RTFACT Artifact Life Is Good
15:33 Leap DAy In The Shadow Of Death From The Days Of Deucalion, Chapter 2
15:26 Planet X Alien Hip Hop Quantum
15:20 Nine Skies The Explorer (feat. Riccardo Romano) (New) The Lightmaker
15:11 Gentle Giant Nothing At All Gentle Giant
15:03 Opeth Heart in Hand In Cauda Venenum
14:54 Cell15 Faith Without Works Chapter One
14:50 Kansas Questions Of My Childhood Leftoverture
14:45 Lazuli Triste Carnaval (New) 11
14:42 Karfagen Curious Talk Messages From Afar, First Contact
14:37 Lana Lane Into The Fire Red Planet Boulevard
14:33 Pink Floyd Nobody Home The Wall - Disc 2