Song history

Tue 23 Apr 2024
Played at Artist Title Album
01:12 Thank You Scientist Swarm Terraformer
01:03 Threshold Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams Dead Reckoning
00:58 Emerson, Lake From the beginning Trilogy
00:54 Yes Don't Take No For An Answer Fly From Here - Return Trip
00:45 The Neal Morse Band Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live in Hamburg) Live in Hamburg 2022
00:41 Rush Driven Test For Echo
00:35 An Endless Sporadic The Departure Magic Machine
00:30 Pure Reason Revolution i. He Tried to Show Them Magic / ii. Ambassador's Return / iii. Asleep in Eidertown (bonus track) The Dark Third (US Version)
00:20 Franck Carducci The Betrayal of Blue (Live) (New) The Answer (Live)
00:14 Falling Edge Not That Far Away Falling Edge
00:09 The Prog Collective Shining Diamonds Epilogue
Mon 22 Apr 2024
Played at Artist Title Album
23:59 The Prognosis Inside My Head Beneath Box Hill
23:56 Neal Morse Like A Wall (New) THE DREAMER JOSEPH: PART ONE
23:52 Kansas Away From You Monolith
23:44 Nad Sylvan What Have You Done The Bride Said No
23:39 Beyond The Labyrinth Tomorrow Is Gone Signs
23:34 Marillion Incommunicado A Singles Collection
23:29 D'Virgilio, Morse Hard to Be Easy (New) Sophomore (Bonus Tracks Edition)
23:15 Supernal Endgame Eden's Song Touch The Sky
23:06 Agent of Mercy The Duke Of Sadness Dramarama
23:01 Pink Floyd Have A Cigar Wish You Were Here
22:56 ELOY Patay The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre (Part II)
22:48 Advent Horizon How Did It Get so Good (New)
22:45 Genesis Alone Tonight Duke
22:39 Cross Light's Out Opus Eleven
22:35 The Tangent The Canterbury Sequence: 1. Cantermemorabillia The Music That Died Alone
22:30 Galigula s Horse Golem (New)
22:26 Concrete Prophet Kinetic Proof Of Concept
22:21 RIVERSIDE Time Travellers
22:13 PALLAS For the Greater Glory The Cross and the Crucible
22:03 Moon Safari Between the Devil and Me (New)
21:57 ASIA Here Comes The Feeling Asia
21:50 Nosound The Perfect Wife (feat. Vincent Cavanagh) Scintilla
21:40 Presto BAllet I Am Wire The Days Beteein
21:35 u.k. In the dead of night u.k.
21:31 Peter Gabriel - i-o (Bright-Side Mix) (New)
21:27 Wobbler Naiad Dreams Dwellers of the Deep
21:21 Saga Till The Well Runs Dry 20/20
21:12 GTR Roundabout Concert Of The Century
21:05 Steve Rothery Morpheus The Ghosts of Pripyat
20:55 Fish on Friday Overture to Flame Flame (New) 8MM
20:51 Camel La Princesse Perdue The Snow Goose
20:40 Huis Stolen Abandoned
20:25 Franck Carducci Achilles Oddity
20:20 UPF The Answer (feat. Sean Timms, Jonus Reingold, Daniele Giovannoni, Ian Richie
20:13 The Room The spark Open Fire
20:08 Dave Kerzner Better Life (New) The Traveler Singles
19:50 Neal Morse The Separated Man One
19:47 D'Virgilio, Morse Tiny Little Fires (New) Sophomore (Bonus Tracks Edition)
19:44 Barclay James Harvest Galadriel Barclay James Harvest And Other Short Stories