Song history

Fri 03 Dec 2021
Played at Artist Title Album
12:32 Leap Day May 5th (New) Treehouse
12:27 U.K. Caesars Palace Blues Night after Night
12:21 Anathema The Optimist The Optimist
12:17 Steven Wilson Wave The White Flag The Future Bites
12:09 Van Der Graaf Generator Killer H To The
12:04 John Wesley Take What You Need Disconnect
11:57 Spock's Beard Kamikaze The X Tour
11:53 Daniel Tompkins feat. Matthew K Heafy The Gift (New) The Gift
11:48 Jupiter Hollow Scarden Valley Bereavement
11:39 Sylvan Deep inside artificial paradise
11:34 Aisles Thanks to Kafka (New) Thanks to Kafka
11:28 King Crimson Red Red
11:22 Fish on Friday Quiet Life Quiet Life
11:14 Frank Wyatt Zeitgeist Zeitgeist
11:11 Frost* Island Life (New) Day And Age
11:04 Jethro Tull Black Satin Dancer Minstrel in the gallery
10:53 Transatlantic And You and I Kaleidoscope
10:49 Anekdoten Kiss of life From within
10:46 The Prog Collective Penny Lane Worlds On Hold
10:38 Genesis Dancing With The Moonlight Kni Selling England By The Pound
10:32 Apple Pie No Reason For This War The Gates of Never
10:22 Ceylon La montée des marches (New) La grande finale
10:18 Emerson, Lake C'est La Vie Works, Volume 1 [Disc 1]
10:12 The Ancestry Program Another Way To Fly Tomorrow
10:08 Pure Reason Revolution Victorious Cupid Amor Vincit Omnia
10:00 Liquid Tension Experiment Hypersonic (New) LTE3
09:54 Hasse Froberg and Musical Companion Something worth dying for Hfmc
09:47 Planet X Alien Hip Hop Quantum
09:32 Fish Rose of Damascus Weltschmerz
09:28 Steve Hackett Narnia Please don't touch
09:22 Lazuli L'homme volant Le fantastique envol de Dieter Böhm
09:18 Saluki Top Of The World Amazing Games
09:06 Wheel Hyperion (New) Hyperion
09:00 Rush Subdivisions The Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987
08:55 Brother Ape Life Force Majeure
08:48 Dynamo Bliss Thin Air 21st Century Junk
08:40 The Neal Morse Band Do It All Again (New) Innocence
08:34 Supertramp School crime
08:32 Kryptograf Ocean Kryptograf
08:27 Lunatic Soul Navvie (New)
08:23 Kansas Nobody's Home Point Of Know Return
08:19 Mandoki Soulmates Young Rebels Living In The Gap Hungarian Pictures
08:12 Sunchild The Invisible Line - part 1 The Invisible Line
08:02 Cross Reversing Fate Opus Eleven
07:55 Flying Colors One Love Forever Second Flight Live At The Z7
07:50 Tilt Gravity Million Dollar Wound
07:42 Liquid Tension Experiment The Passage Of Time (New) The Passage of Time
07:39 Asia Eye To Eye Alpha
07:33 Steve Hogarth Your Beautiful Face Not The Weapon But The Hand
07:25 Porcupine Tree Harridan (New) Harridan