Song history

Thu 18 Oct 2018
Played at Artist Title Album
14:26 The Neal Morse Band The Call The Grand Experiment
14:20 Sieges Even When Alpha and Omega Collide Paramount
14:14 Lazuli Les cotes (New) Saison 8
14:10 Arena Returning the Curse The Unquiet Sky
14:01 Moth Vellum Let The Race Begin MySonic Temple
13:43 Silhouette Symphony for a Perfect Moment The World Is A Flat and other Alternative Facts
13:38 Genesis Going Out to Get You Archive 1967-1975
13:34 The Crimson ProjeKCt Elephant Talk Elephant Talk
13:26 The Aaron Clift Experiment Dream Within a Dream (New) If All Goes Wrong
13:20 Pink Floyd On The Turning Away A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
13:15 NAVIGATOR Snow Angel Phantom Ships
13:11 Flower Kings Monkey Business Unfold the Future
13:02 Fish on Frday Unreal (New) Quiet Life
12:55 Steven Wilson Deform To Form A Star Grace For Drowning
12:49 Symphony X Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
12:43 Riverside Lament (New) Wasteland
12:35 Camel Never Let Go A Live Record
12:30 Kaipa Our Silent Ballroom Band (Edit Radio) Vittjar
12:25 Marcangelo Perricelli It's Only Me It s Only Me
12:19 Sons of Apollo Signs Of The Time (New) Psychotic Symphony
12:18 Jadis A Thousand Staring Eyes No Fear of Looking Down
12:13 Carptree Evening sadness Insekt
12:05 Lisa LaRue Recurring Dream (New) Origins
12:00 Phil Collins Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End In My Life
11:54 Tim Bowness Sing To Me Stupid Things That Mean the World
11:49 Semantic Saturation Carousel of Death (New) Paradigms - Special Edition CD
11:46 Marillion Punch And Judy Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
11:36 Monomyth Ark M Further
11:26 Ayreon The Fifth Extinction 01011001
11:20 Spocks Beard To Breathe Another Day (New) Noise Floor
11:10 Cast Ilusions And Tribulations Power And Outcome
11:04 Pain of Salvation Kingdom of loss Scarsick
11:00 Karfagen Curious Talk (New) Messages From Afar, First Contact
10:57 Emerson Lake Jerusalem Brain Salad Surgery
10:53 The Pineapple Thief Tear You Up Your Wilderness
10:45 Galahad Termination Empires Never Last 2
10:40 Straight Light Love Over Power (New) Love Over Power
10:35 Flying Colors Kayla Live In Europe
10:24 Beardfish The stuff that dreams are made of Destined Solitaire
10:16 Carpet Temper (New) Secret Box
10:10 Genesis Entangled A Trick Of The Tail
10:06 BLACKFIELD Family Man V
10:01 3.2 Powerful Man (New) The Rules Have Changed
09:41 Emerson, Lake Tarkus Tarkus
09:36 Saga One This Day 20/20
09:31 Brighteye Brison Life Inside Stories
09:26 Leap Day Timelapse - Awaking The Muse (New)
09:19 Freaky Jelly Nothing to Feel Behind the Memories
09:06 MYSTERY A Song for You Delusion Rain
08:59 Single Celled Organism Prologue The Mark of Cain New) Splinter In The Eye