Song history

Fri 05 Mar 2021
Played at Artist Title Album
15:11 Shaman Elephant Steely Dan (New) Wide Awake but Still Asleep
14:59 Leprous The Sky Is Red Pitfalls
14:54 Druckfarben Influenza Druckfarben
14:46 Days Between Stations The Common Thread (New) GIANTS
14:40 King Crimson Lark's Tongues In Aspic (Part II) On Broadway
14:35 John Wesley Take What You Need Disconnect
14:28 Dream Theater Erotomania AWAKE
14:19 Ceylon La montée des marches (New) La grande finale
14:13 Flying Colors June Live In Europe
14:06 Koi Woodno In Tomorrow Hid Yesterday
13:55 Wheel Hyperion (New) Hyperion
13:49 Supertramp Crime Of The Century Crime Of The Century
13:43 Apple Pie No Reason For This War The Gates of Never
13:39 Anneke Van Giersbergen Hurricane (New) Hurricane
13:34 Pink Floyd Learning To Fly A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
13:29 Single Celled Organism The call (New) Splinter In The Eye
13:19 Presto Ballet The Mind Machine The Lost Art Of Time Travel
13:11 Liquid Tension Experiment The Passage Of Time (New) The Passage of Time
13:06 Silhouette Wings To Fly Beyond The Seventh Wave
12:54 Circus Maximus Mouth of madness Isolate
12:44 Transatlantic Overture - Reaching For The Sky (New) The absolute Universe
12:39 Jethro Tull Beltane (Steven Wilson Remix)
12:33 Franck Carducci Slave to Rock 'n' Roll
12:29 Marillion Faith Somewhere Else
12:26 Anubis White Ashes (New) Homeless
12:20 Fish on Friday Quiet Life Quiet Life
12:16 Sunchild Day of Destiny The Wrap
12:11 Jakko M Jakszyk It Would All Make Sense (New) Secrets
12:03 Genesis Dancing With The Moonlight Kni Selling England By The Pound
11:58 Rhombus Voice Peace Love Dismemberment
11:55 Airbag A Day at the Beach Part 1 (New) A DAy At The Beach
11:49 Van Der Graaf Generator Refugees (Single Version) Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
11:43 Hasse Froberg and Musical Companion Something worth dying for Hfmc
11:36 Gazpacho Defense Mechanism Missa Atropos
11:33 Steven Wilson Eminent Sleaze (New) The Futur Bites
11:25 Millenium In The Ocean of the Night The Web
11:21 Spock's Beard Climbing up that hill A flash before my eyes
11:16 Nad Sylvan The Fisherman (New) Spiritus Mundi (Bonus Tracks Edition)
11:12 Barclay James Harvest Galadriel Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
11:07 Unitopia More Than A Dream More Than A Dream: The Dream Complete
11:01 IQ Subterranea Subterranea Disc 1
10:56 Once And Future Band Problem Addict (New) Deleted Scenes
10:50 Anathema The Optimist The Optimist
10:45 Pain Of Salvation Handful Of Nothing One Hour By The Concrete Lake
10:40 Johnny Bob E Hengeyokai (New) gberts Barber Shop
10:35 Asia Heat Of The Moment Live In Moscow
10:28 Tim Bowness Know That You Were Loved Stupid Things That Mean the World
10:23 Frost* Exhibit A (New) Exhibit A
10:19 Emerson, Lake Bitches Crystal Tarkus
10:15 The Pineapple Thief Tear You Up Your Wilderness