Song history

Wed 20 Jan 2021
Played at Artist Title Album
21:24 Arabs In Aspic I Vow to Thee, My Screen (New) I Vow to Thee, My Screen
21:17 Carpet For Tilda Secret Box
21:12 Arena Smoke and mirrors Pepper's ghost
21:08 Bruce Soord Cut the Flowers (New) All This Will Be Yours
20:59 Marillion Script For A Jester s Tear Script For A Jester's Tear
20:53 Kaipa The Shadowy Sunlight Children Of The Sounds
20:49 Pain Of Salvation Ending Theme Remedy Lane
20:44 The Oneira Make My Day (New) Injection
20:38 Tim Bowness Sing To Me Stupid Things That Mean the World
20:28 Vanden Plas January Sun Christ 0
20:25 Staring Into Nothing Autumn (New) Love
20:20 Tony Banks The Lie A Curious Feeling
20:08 The Tangent Codpieces A Spark In The Aether
19:50 Six Days End In Between Two Nothings (New) In Between Two Nothings
19:42 Dream Theater Led Zeppelin Medley - Live Change of Seasons
19:38 The Watch I Know What I Like Green Show 2011
19:30 Cannata Spirit Of The Four Winds Mysterium Magnum
19:25 Kansas Jets Overhead (New) Jets Overhead
19:20 Fish On Friday Airborne Airborne
19:17 Lazuli En avant doute En avant doute ...
19:10 Rick Wakeman Tharsis Tholus (New) The Red Planet
19:05 Camel Wait I Can See Your House from Here
18:52 Solipsystemology The End of Always Solipsystemology
18:47 Verbal Delirium Reprise So Close & Yet So Far Away
18:44 Jon Anderson Ramalama (New) Now / Ramalama
18:39 Haken In Memoriam The Mountain
18:33 Jolly The Pattern The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part I)
18:25 Pattern-Seeking Animals Here in My Autumn (New) Here in My Autumn
18:20 Asia Heat Of The Moment Live In Moscow
18:15 Anathema Sunlight Weather Systems
18:08 The Blank Page The Nomad (New) The Nomad
18:02 King Crimson Lark's Tongues In Aspic (Part II) On Broadway
17:49 MYSTERY A Song for You Delusion Rain
17:44 Proto-Kaw Physic The Wait Of Glory
17:28 Fish Rose of Damascus (New) Weltschmerz
17:19 Steven Wilson My Book of Regrets 4 1/2
17:13 Galleon The Assemblers Engines of Creation
17:10 Lufeh Batera The Unknown (New) Luggage Falling Down
17:04 Premiata Forneria Marconi Impressioni Di Settembre Storia di un Minuto
17:00 Big Big Train Alive Grand Tour
16:53 Aisles Clouds Motion Live from Estudio del Sur
16:50 Riverside Panic Room - Acoustic acoustic session
16:47 Artikon Now Evolution
16:41 Leap Day Skylge's Lair Skylge's Lair
16:35 Mrs. Kite Questions Flickering Lights
16:31 Yes Into The Lens (I Am A Camera) Drama
16:24 VUUR My Champion - Berlin In This Moment We Are Free - Cities
16:07 Days Between Stations Spark of Life (New) GIANTS
16:02 UK Caesars Palace Blues Night after Night
15:56 Saga Till The Well Runs Dry 20/20