Song history

Sun 16 Jan 2022
Played at Artist Title Album
20:45 Rush Limelight The Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987
20:41 The Oneira Make My Day Injection
20:36 A Big Goodbye The Other Side Solitude Standing
20:30 Cross Light's Out Opus Eleven
20:25 Barclay James Harvest Love On The Line Eyes of the Universe
20:19 Marillion Pour My Love Sound That Can't Be Made
20:09 The Tangent GPS Culture A place in the queue
20:06 Big Big Train The Connection Plan (New) Th Connection Plan
20:01 ASIA Sole Survivor Asia
19:54 ARZ Shadow On The Wall Turn Of The Tide
19:49 Mystery The Scarlet Eye Caught in The Whirlwind of Time
19:44 Camel Neon Magic I Can See Your House from Here
19:33 Silhouette Anybody Across the Rubicon
19:21 Sky Architect Excavations Of The Mind Excavation of The Mind
19:15 Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Prescient (New) Prescient
19:09 Sons Of Apollo Desolate July Desolate July
19:02 Roine Stolt Remember Wall Street Voodoo
18:57 Frost* Terrestrial (New) Day and Age
18:52 Gentle Giant The Advent Of Panurge Octopus
18:48 Kansas Visibility Zero The Prelude Implicit
18:41 The Raptore Trail Gravity x10 The Raptore Trail
18:37 Jethro Tull Shoshana Sleeping (New) Shoshana Sleeping
18:34 Frank Zappa Bobby Brown Goes Down Sheik Yerbouti
18:31 Knight Area Pride And Joy Live at Cultuurpodium De Boerderij Zoetermeer
18:23 Dream Theater Pull Me Under Live at Budokan
18:17 D'Virgilio, Morse Everything I Am (New) Troika
18:14 Pink Floyd Nobody Home The Wall - Disc 2
18:06 Røsenkreütz Freefall Divide et Impera
17:48 Six Days End In Between Two Nothings (New) In Between Two Nothings
17:36 Genesis Dance On A Volcano and Los Endos Seconds Out
17:30 Special Providence Gas Giants Essence of Change
17:27 Six Gallery Edie Breakthroughs In Modern Art
17:24 Moron Police Waiting for Wastelands (New) Waiting for Wastelands
17:21 Roger Waters 4_47AM (The Remains of Our Love) The pros and cans of hitch hiking
17:11 Vienna Circle Golden Sunset Roulette (New) Secrets Of The Rising Sun
17:04 King Crimson Dinosaur THRAK
16:59 Pain Of Salvation Accelerator Panther
16:51 Effa Lente feat. Marlo Catwalk Aisle An Appropriate Mourning Period
16:47 Meer Beehive Playing House
16:40 The Blank Page The Nomad (New) The Nomad
16:34 U.K In the dead of night u.k
16:26 Leap Day Clementine (New) Treehouse
16:21 Bruce Soord Cut the Flowers All This Will Be Yours
16:15 Yes Fly From Here pt II - Sad Night At The Airfield Fly From Here
16:07 Ross Jennings 'Grounded' (New) Grounded
15:58 Sebastian Hardie Journey Through our Dreams / Everything Is Real Four Moments
15:53 Unitopia Man Of Colours Covered Mirror
15:44 Liquid Tension Experiment Hypersonic (New) LTE3
15:40 Saga On The Loose In Transit
15:35 The Pineapple Thief Demons Versions of the Truth