Song history

Sun 19 Aug 2018
Played at Artist Title Album
11:38 Circus Maximus Alive The 1st Chapter
11:30 The Aaron Clift Experiment Dream Within a Dream (New) If All Goes Wrong
11:21 Moon Safari Mega Moon Himlabacken vol 1
11:14 Cartographer Bargaining Cartographer EP
11:09 Anathema The Optimist (New) The Optimist
11:05 Pink Floyd The Great Gig In The Sky Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd - Disc 1
11:00 Pain Of Salvation Conditioned Road Salt Two
10:54 Unitopia More Than A Dream More Than A Dream: The Dream Complete
10:51 Genesis Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist Archive 1967-1975
10:46 Profusion Veteran Phersu
10:40 Dark Suns Abiding Space Existence
10:34 Silhouette March of Peace (New) The World Is A Flat and other Alternative Facts
10:30 Verbal Delirium Reprise So Close & Yet So Far Away
10:24 Votum Away Time Must Have a Stop
10:18 Lazuli Les cotes (New) Saison 8
10:11 Rush 2112 Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx The Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987
10:05 Porcupine Tree Stars Die Octane Twisted
09:59 Liquid Tension Experiment Acid rain Liquid Tension Experiment 2
09:52 Lisa LaRue Recurring Dream (New) Origins
09:45 The Tangent Shoot Them Down COMM
09:39 Brother Ape New Shangri-La Shangri-La
09:35 Yes Don't Take No For An Answer Fly From Here - Return Trip
09:30 Jethro Tull Beltane (Steven Wilson Remix)
09:25 Steven Wilson Perfect Life HAND. CANNOT. ERASE.
09:22 Steven Wilson Permanating (New) To The Bone
09:15 Van Der Graaf Generator Refugees (Single Version) Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
09:10 Next To None A Lonely Walk A Light In The Dark
09:00 Martin Orford Grand Designs The Old Road
08:55 Straight Light Love Over Power (New) Love Over Power
08:51 Perfect Beings Remnants of Shields Perfect Beings
08:44 The Watch Looking_Someone Tribute Genesis
08:36 Carpet Temper (New) Secret Box
08:32 Barclay James Harvest Galadriel Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
08:25 Beardfish Without Saying Anything Mammoth
08:17 Quidam They Are There To Remind Us Alone Together
08:14 Karfagen Curious Talk (New) Messages From Afar, First Contact
08:07 IZZ Sincerest Everlasting Instant
07:59 Kaipa Arcs Of Sound In The Wake Of Evolution
07:54 3.2 Powerful Man (New) The Rules Have Changed
07:49 Pink Floyd The Final Cut The Final Cut
07:43 Magic Pie Trick of the Trade King for A Day
07:35 Single Celled Organism Prologue The Mark of Cain New) Splinter In The Eye
07:30 Genesis Los Endos A Trick Of The Tail
07:24 Solstice Coil New Eyes Commute
07:19 Little Atlas Orderly Hollow
07:15 Art of Illusion Santa muerte Cold War of Solipsism
07:09 Fish On Friday This Cruel World Airborne
07:04 Ark Resurrection Burn The Sun
06:59 Semantic Saturation Carousel of Death (New) Paradigms - Special Edition CD
06:54 Camel Wait I Can See Your House from Here