Song history

Thu 24 Oct 2019
Played at Artist Title Album
05:03 IQ A Missile (New) Resistance
04:55 VUUR My Champion - Berlin In This Moment We Are Free - Cities
04:45 RPWL Silenced The RPWL Experience
04:40 The Neal Morse Band Welcome To The World The Great Adventure
04:36 Genesis Misunderstanding Fiaba
04:29 Paradox Machine Inconsistency Unlikely Solution
04:25 Pain of Salvation Mrs modern mother mary Scarsick
04:19 Cyril The Wasteland - Home Again (New) The Way Through
04:14 PBII Rocket Part II Rocket, The Dream Of Wubbo Ockels
04:09 Jadis I Never Noticed Fanatic
04:01 Thank You Scientist FXMLDR (New) Terraformer
03:57 Frank Zappa Wild Love Sheik Yerbouti
03:57 Geoff Barone For What Love's Left Conversation Pieces
03:49 Nad Sylvan Whoa (Always Been Without You) (New) The Regal Bastard (Ltd. CD Digipak)
03:45 Camel Neon Magic I Can See Your House from Here
03:33 MYSTERY A Song for You Delusion Rain
03:28 Marillion Hard As Love Less Is More
03:12 Galasphere 347 The fallen angel Galasphere 347
03:07 Unitopia The Dream Complete More Than A Dream. The Dream Complete
02:55 Circus Maximus Mouth of madness Isolate
02:45 Karcius Absence of Light (New) The Fold
02:38 Dream Theater Led Zeppelin Medley - Live Change of Seasons
02:35 Cryptex Dance Of The Strange Folk Good Morning, How Did You Live?
02:31 Blackfield Once Blackfield II
02:24 Kinetic Element Epistle (New) The Face of Life
02:13 Cell15 The Messenger Chapter One
02:07 Declan Burke Promised Destroy All Monsters
02:02 Riverside Vale Of Tears Wasteland
01:56 Pink Floyd Time Dark Side Of The Moon - 30th Anniversary SACD
01:49 Lunatic Soul Crumbling Teeth and the Owl Eyes Fractured
01:45 Shumaun The Writing's on the Wall (New) One Day Closer to Yesterday
01:36 Yes Siberian Khatru Close To The Edge
01:29 Tim Bowness Know That You Were Loved Stupid Things That Mean the World
01:11 Neal Morse The Separated Man One
01:07 Oceanica Reverence (New) OneDark
01:02 Karmakanic Traveling Minds DOT
00:56 Demians Overhead Mute
00:51 Hemina Flat (New) Night Echoes
00:46 Barclay James Harvest Berlin The Compact Story Of BJH
00:38 An Endless Sporadic Sky Run Magic Machine
00:29 PBII Loneliness Plastic Soup
00:22 Carptree Celestial Sky (New) Subimago
00:15 Flying Colors One Love Forever Second Flight Live At The Z7
00:05 The Tangent GPS Culture A place in the queue
00:00 Jadis Truth from the lies MedRare-2
Wed 23 Oct 2019
Played at Artist Title Album
23:55 Genesis Going Out to Get You Archive 1967-1975
23:51 The Mute Gods Early Warning tardigrades will inherit the earth
23:47 D-Project Live To Spare Find Your Sun
23:39 Marillion Script For A Jester s Tear Script For A Jester's Tear
23:34 Anathema Sunlight Weather Systems