Song history

Sun 16 Dec 2018
Played at Artist Title Album
00:54 Magnum You'll Never Sleep Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow
00:49 Camel Wait I Can See Your House from Here
00:44 Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse Frozen North (edit Radio) Wisdom Of Crowds
00:29 Sunchild Line In The Sand The Invisible Line
00:22 Moonshine Mars (New) Blast Reality Fear
00:14 3RDegree The Gravity Ones & Zeros: vol. 1
00:09 Dynamo Bliss Mausoleum 21st Century Junk
00:03 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
Sat 15 Dec 2018
Played at Artist Title Album
23:56 Transcend The Love Song The Mind
23:51 Neal Morse Livin' Lightly (New) Life & Times
23:40 Starcastle Lady Of The Lake Starcastle
23:34 Karibow River Holophinium
23:30 Tilt Gravity Million Dollar Wound
23:23 JOLLY - Support Jolly Circuit Heaven (New) Family
23:15 Shadow Circus Ouverture On A Dark and stormy Night
23:08 Minds Eye The nazca lines Walking on H20
23:04 Steve Hackett Heat Of The Moment The Tokyo Tapes
22:58 The Retrospective Titel Heaven Is Here Re:Search
22:55 Porcupine Tree The Rest Will Flow Lightbulb Sun Deluxe
22:49 Babal Blockpave Me Over (New) The Circle Of Confusion Of Tongues
22:44 ASIA Faithful XXX
22:37 Fish Goldfish Sunsets on Empire
22:34 Yes Long Distance Runaround Fragile
22:29 It Bites The Big Machine Map Of The Past
22:21 Blå Lotus Moebius (New) Tube Alloys
22:10 Genesis The Battle Of Epping Forest Selling England By The Pound
22:05 The Flower Kings Going Up Banks of Eden (Deluxe Version)
21:56 Kvazar Dreams of Butterflies A Giant's Lullaby
21:50 Leap Day Timelapse - March Under The Symbol (New)
21:46 Crystal Palace The Day That Doesn't End Dawn Of Eternity
21:38 Frost* Experiments In Mass Appeal Experiments In Mass Appeal
21:33 Tony Banks The Lie A Curious Feeling
21:30 Osada Vida Those Days (Radio Edit) Particles
21:22 The Tangent Photosynthesis The World That We Drive Through
21:15 Yuka and Chronoship The Argo Suite A Dragon That Never Sleeps (New) SHIP
21:00 Citizen Cain's Stewart Bell Intervention The Antechamber of Being (Part 2)
20:53 Dream Theater Constant Motion Systematic Chaos
20:49 Pink Floyd Paintbox The Early Pink Floyd Singles
20:47 Druckfarben ELPO Druckfarben
20:44 Sonic Elements (Various Artists) Cinema (feat. Steve Hackett Yesterday and Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes
20:40 Camel Breathless Breathless
20:28 Witty Alley Heartquake Some Kind of Wit
20:24 Anekdoten Kiss of life From within
20:18 Bomber Goggles March of Tides (New) Gyreland
20:14 Overvibe Turn The Screw Turn The Screw
20:08 Sieges Even When Alpha and Omega Collide Paramount
20:02 Premiata Forneria Marconi Impressioni Di Settembre Storia di un Minuto
19:56 Steve Hackett The Wheel's Turning (Edit Radio) Wolflight
19:47 Moth Vellum Let The Race Begin MySonic Temple
19:40 anasazi still i can't hide (New) ask the dust