Song history

Fri 26 May 2017
Played at Artist Title Album
01:41 Kansas Visibility Zero (New) The Prelude Implicit
01:33 Genesis The Fountain of Salmacis Nursery Cryme
01:28 Aisles Revolution of Light In Sudden Walks
01:23 Tim Bowness Worlds Of Yesterday (New) Lost In The Ghost Light
01:16 King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King King Crimson
01:10 IQ Ocean The Road Of Bones
01:05 Pain Of Salvation Handful Of Nothing One Hour By The Concrete Lake
00:59 Arabs In Aspic One Victim Of Your Fathers Agony
00:54 Alias Eye In-Between In-Between
00:52 Porcupine Tree Small Fish Up The Downstair
00:48 The Mute Gods Early Warning (New) tardigrades will inherit the earth
00:43 Pink Floyd The Final Cut The Final Cut
00:39 ASIA Till We Meet Again Gravitas
00:36 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Take a Pebble Emerson, Lake & Palmer
00:27 Leap DAy In The Shadow Of Death From The Days Of Deucalion, Chapter 2
00:22 Apple Pie Letters Of A Deadman - Part III - Memories The Gates of Never
00:15 RAIN The Silver Apples of the Moon Cerulean Blue
00:00 Citizen Cain's Stewart Bell Intervention (New) The Antechamber of Being (Part 2)
Thu 25 May 2017
Played at Artist Title Album
23:54 Solstice Earthsong (Re Mix By tSeven Wilson) Silent Dance
23:50 ElF Project No Morez Monkey Business The Great Divide
23:44 Morph The Escalating Kind Incontrovertible
23:35 Camel Lunar Sea The Collection
23:29 Jolly The Pattern The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part I)
23:22 Circus Maximus The Prophecy The 1st Chapter
23:18 Karmakanic Steer by the Stars (New) DOT
23:13 Nosound I Miss the Ground Afterthoughts
23:09 Presto Ballet Seasons Peace Among the Ruins
23:03 STEVE HACKETT Behind The Smoke (New) The Night Siren
22:59 Kansas Questions Of My Childhood Leftoverture
22:56 Big Big Train Uncle Jack English Electric, Part One
22:50 Genesis The Lady Lies ...And Then There Were Three...
22:45 North Atlantic Oscillation 09. August (New) Lightning Strikes The Library
22:39 Verbal Delirium The Scene Remains (New) So Close & Yet So Far Away
22:34 Riverside In Two Minds Out of Myself
22:23 Southern Empire How Long Southern Empire
22:19 Yes Don't Kill The Whale Tormato
22:12 Vienna Circle Ballad of Night Silhouette Moon
22:01 Franck Carducci Artificial Paradises (New) Tearing The Tour Apart
21:55 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
21:50 Saga Go With The Flow Sagacity
21:45 Ayreon Day Four- Mystery The Human Equation (Disc 1)
21:40 Myrath Believer Legacy
21:32 Little Atlas Oort Automatic Day
21:26 Brighteye Brison We Wanna Return Stories
21:23 3RDegree Life At Any Cost Ones & Zeros: vol. 1
21:17 Asia Heat Of The Moment Live In Moscow
21:09 Aisles Summer Fall In Sudden Walks
21:02 Demon The Plague the best of Demon volume one
20:59 BLACKFIELD Family Man (New) V
20:49 Dilemma On Earth Dilemma Dilemma On Earth